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28 September 2005 @ 08:02 pm
Okay, Jinx (Nagi) here again. I think I have everything all taken care of... Or at least, I do as far as I can tell. (Which, since I'm so tired and full of C++, isn't very far.)

Please, if there's something that I overlooked (or just forgot about), don't hesitate to tell me. I'll fix it right up as soon as I have a chance. Keep in mind that Wednesdays are my big internet nights. =D



Player Information Table

Well, since I seem to have lulled myself into a false sense of accomplishment due to tiredness, I think I'm going to take a nap. =D Provided I'm not killed by my C++ teacher, I shall post soon.

28 September 2005 @ 07:16 pm
Player Information

Since I'm posting everything remotely moddish in this journal, here's the player information table. If you have something to add or a change to be made, let me know! ~Jinx

OOC!Starfire: Played by Yama-chan
- Character journal: robins_luuuv
- Regular journal: n0r1
- AIM: see below for OOC!Blackfire
- Gender: Female
- Other RP journals: see below for OOC!Blackfire

IC!Raven: Played by Rei-chan
- Character journal: halfbloodangst
- Regular journal: koushirochickie (on GJ, too)
- AIM: see below for OOC!Speedy
- Gender: Female
- Other RP journals: see below for OOC!Speedy

OOC!Raven: Played by Lil' Butterfly
Character journal: kawaiidemon
Regular Journal: sunflowerraven
AIM: see below for OOC!Terra
Gender: Female
Other RP Journals: see below for OOC!Terra

IC!Terra: Played by Hitomi, Hito-chan
- Character journal: bigarserock
- Regular journal: N/A
- AIM: Ame Amamizu
- Gender: Female
- Other RP journals: fangirl_yuma (IC! Yuma at omg_ynm)
Moderator (Bad Cop)

OOC!Terra: Played by Lil' Butterfly
Character journal: slades_bitch
Regular Journal: sunflowerraven
AIM: ChiisaiChou
Gender: Female
Other RP Journals: taijya_no_kioku, tainted_amber, taijya_houshi, flawless_yura, hollowed_angel, ookami_prince, raijininka and _mukotsu (at various Inuyasha RPs), gropage_suxors (Fanon!Sango at omg_inuyasha_rp), digitally_lost, blademasterneko (Tsukasa and Mia at mac_anu on hiatus), heavyaxesubaru), thecatcameback, i_heart_hsgirls, baa_baa_hiro (Kyou, Shigure, and Hiro at various Fruits Basket RPs)

- Character journal: oneye_badguy
- Regular journal: icily9588
- AIM:
- Gender: Female
- Other RP journals:

OOC!Blackfire: Played by Yama-chan
- Character journal: darlingsister__
- Regular journal: n0r1
- AIM: BriteLiteLies
- Gender: Female
- Other RP journals: kitsunebiphool and asexual__daddy (IC!Shippou and OOC!Naraku at omg_inuyasha_rp), __malikuu and kaibaseto__ (Male!Malik and Female!Seto at pwnedygorp), and shu__kun (Shuichi Shindo at gravi__tation)

OOC!Speedy: Played by Rei-chan
- Character journal: thupar_speedy
- Regular journal: koushirochickie (on GJ, too)
- AIM: halfbloodedangst
- Gender: Female
- Other RP journals: kickass_sango (Sango from Inyasha), mapleleafbunny, the_bitch_rin, uncursedandcold (all from sohma_zoo/onigiri_madness which are temp on hiatus), and chexmixh0ttn35 (temp on hiatus is Kagome from Inuyasha)

OOC!Jinx: Played by Nagi-chan
- Character journal: i_see_you_raven
- Regular journal: snailkeeper
- Email: telekineticmayfly (at) yahoo (dot) com
- Gender: Female
- Other RP journals:

When you are accepted, post comments here to give me this information (if you want, and if applicable). Please note that once I update the player table, the comment you left with the information will be deleted, so don't be startled that it's gone.
28 September 2005 @ 06:58 pm
Apply here!
Wanna join us? Got your character picked out from the table at the community info page? Great! New questions placed on applications are in bold.

This is what you need on your apps:

Name and/or nickname: (just whatever you want to be called)
Contacts (AIM, e-mail, etc.):
Understand yet?: (For this answer, read the rules!)
Gender: (this is just out of curiousity and so when we're talking to you we don't get mixed up. xP)
Who you're applying for: (remember to specify if it's IC or OOC!)
Short sample entry: (a paragraph or two. if you can't decide on something, try their reaction when learning about their or someone they know's double!)

And that's it! Have fun!
28 September 2005 @ 11:54 am
Rule #1: When applying, specify if the character you're applying for is IC or OOC. If you're confused by this, please JUST ASK. I don't mind helping you understand the concepts of the OMG! type of RP. I do mind being confused by you trying to understand it without asking and getting mixed up. Don't be shy. If you're confused, just ASK! Don't feel stupid. OMG! is different from normal RPs.

Rule #2: Please use a regular journal to post your app, and if you are accepted CREATE a journal for your character. (Some exceptions may apply. For instance, if you don't have a regular journal, you may post anonymously or with the journal you create for the character you're applying for.)

Rule #3: The character list on the community info is still being adjusted. Meaning, if you don't see a character listed that you'd like to apply for, just tell me! I'll put them on the list and you can apply!

Rule #4: Join the community after you are accepted and friend the other members. You can start posting entries in your journal and commenting on other characters' journals as soon as you want!

Rule #5: Journal entries will be in first person. You can do third-person RP posts in omgtt_tower. However, if you want to RP one on one with someone, that's what we use AIM for. Remember to post the RP logs (if you want other people to know what's going on, that is.)

Rule #6: You will almost ALWAYS be accepted. The only exceptions are: too many spelling errors (there is a spell check, people!) or if the character is already taken.

Rule #7: You must post at least once every two weeks to remain active. If you haven't, we will send you a warning e-mail and ask if you'd still like to stay with us. (Of course, I understand if something comes up and you can't. Just let us know before hand and we'll make up an excuse for your character's absence.)

Rule #8: On the application where it says "Understand yet?" please type "I promise to post." (Changed as of 9/28/2005)

Rule #9: Be friendly! Be nice! Have fun! There is no limit to how crazy this can get!